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The Ladies Coach on Living a Life of “Abundance”

I am currently spending a week at NASA Research Park attending Singularity University. This has been a profound experience for me as my head is literally spinning from all the BRILLIANCE that surrounds me.


In this week I have been learning about things I still can’t even wrap my head around like Artificial Intelligence, DNA printing and Robotics to name a few. Everything is happening people! We will be having Robotics in our home in less than 5yrs!! Cray Cray right?! Well… non-the less its going down!

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Texting

A couple of people laughed when I thought of this subject as SERIOUS. Especially how it relates to relationships, but here I am, and here is my message! Texting is a privilege, a privilege that is being ABUSED in relationships! Technology has definitely made it easy for us to communicate, but when “verbal” communication starts to take a back seat, how can we possibly go DEEP with our relationships. 

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Arguing the RIGHT Way in a Relationship

How to speak the language of love even in disagreements.

Even in healthy relationships, it is COMPLETELY natural and normal to argue at times. I was shocked when I was asked if Andrew and I argue. I feel like we do often but the way in which we argue is what I am going to talk about in this video.

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How Your Language Reflects Your Relationship

This week on TLC Thursdays, I wanted to discuss the importance of LANGUAGE, and how it directly reflects the relationships we have in our lives, especially, intimately.


In this video I will be guiding you through some interactive practices for you to do on your own… NOT while you are driving or at work, but maybe on break or safely OFF the road.

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Warning! There Are Side Effects To Living A Passionate Life

You may experience the following effects

1.) Increased energy, the kind that freaks people out

2.) Love beyond your imagination

3.) Momentum that people around you can’t even keep up with

4.) Happiness, and joy

5.) Proximity to people that inspire you

6.) BECOMING an inspiration to those around you

7.) Feeling sexy, vibrant, and connected

If you are ok with these risks, then jump on board! You deserve to live a life of passion!

Getting through the bumpiness of life…

My story of a fight I had with a mountain!

Today, Andrew and I went snow boarding here in Sun Valley, Idaho and I learned a valuable life lesson that I thought I’d share with you all as I believe the mountain AND this sport are both perfect metaphors for life.

Side story: Last night was the final night of a Wealth/Finance Conference we had here in Sun Valley Idaho, with the great Tony Robbins. I must say, I learned so much more than what I thought we were going to be doing here which was learning how to save, invest, protect and grow our money… you know… scary shit for some of us women! Hahaha!

What we ended up learning besides the technical stuff of course, was how to endure through hardships and the “winters” as he calls it. Winters meaning the stage in life in which it feels like things are not growing and flourishing. Tony says, “you can either freeze in the winter, or prepare yourselves in the good seasons so you can play in the snow.” All of this is a metaphor of course and is a good one if you are thinking of the US economy… This was definitely not the point of the story but I wanted to set you all up.

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My Raw Sex Rant

Here is a message from me regarding our Raw Sex Event! I kinda went off on a rant but I really hope our ladies can get to a place where we are truest to who we are. Because that is where the passion for life lies…. Not to mention how much your partner will enjoy that passion! ;-) ♥

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