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5 Ways You Could Be Ruining a Relationship

So… this week I started to reflect back on some of the most memorable relationships I’ve had in my life. Some intimate, some professional and some personal. I got a funny and uncomfortable feeling inside when I found out a NOT SO PRETTY truth… I realized I committed some pretty, “now” obvious, crimes that led to the demise of a few relationships.

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“Work, Life, Love… OH!… And all them DREAMS”

 5 things you need to KNOW about living the “dream life.”

So this isn’t a video, and you are probably thinking “WTF Christal! I count every minute until TLC Thursday to hear such WISDOM!!…”  Ok… well, in my dreams that’s what ya’ll are saying and since we are on the subject of dreams, this week I had the opportunity to reflect on a couple of mine. I had many things to celebrate this week!

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How to LOVE your Mondays and STOP the feeling of Overwhelm!

Happy Monday! Or for some of you, Mondays might not be so happy. Lets do a little “check-in” right now, WHEREVER you are, what emotion are you feeling most today? If it’s stressed, anxious, frustrated, or overwhelmed, ask yourself (WHY?).

Is it work, school, family, kids, friends, schedule, bills, a relationship? Maybe ALL? Here’s the deal, we are always going to have responsibilities and obligations, but if we have a disempowering meaning to any one of these things, it will easily make us feel overwhelmed.

Here is a trick we can try together today. Take the ONE thing that comes to mind that makes you dread most days. The most common thing I see people dread on Monday’s is going back to WORK!… So I’ll use this as an example. If work is something that is currently causing you stress, anxiousness or leaving you feeling overwhelmed, think about why that is FIRST.

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5 Most Common Fears in Relationships

So today’s video was a little dangerous to film hahaha! Never knew how scary a set could be and ironically, as I am discussing “fears” women have in relationships, I may have adopted a new fear myself!

I decided go over the Top 5 Fears women face when in a relationship. At least, these are what hear it all boil down to when I listen to my beautiful ladies.  

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The truth about Lady Etiquette


Ladies, wanna to know the truth about “etiquette?” Im not talking about table manners, although I do feel we all need that too, and if you happen to find someone who can teach that… let me know!


I am talking about being a woman that lives in her natural energy.


I hear SO many FALSE… and I repeat.. FALSE beliefs that there aren’t any gentlemen anymore, when equally, we aren’t being ladies! I have a story that I share in this video that says STOP THAT BULLSHIT BELIEF AND START TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ENERGY!

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How To Manage Problems In Your Life

Happy Thursday! In today’s TLC Thursday video, I talk about something most of us dread… PROBLEMS! Those damn problems!

Are you in a point in your life where everything seems to go wrong and new problems keep arising? Maybe you have a friend who ALWAYS has something “happening” to them? OR, have you ever wondered why some people never seem to go through very many problems but you are constantly struggling?

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Long Distance Relationships

This week it’s all about Long Distance Relationships. I had so many people ask me if I can do a video on this topic. Well I was wondering what they wanted me to say because I have a few opinions myself on long distance love, but if I am going to do my job right, I need my lovely ladies to understand what is important with any relationship. Far away or… In the next room.

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Young Love

I have a very special TLC Thursday video this week for our “young lovers” out there! And by young, I mean OUR TEENS!

If you are a teenager, OR a parent of a teenager, this is definitely a MUST watch!  I get into the core of what’s important to understand when going out into the relationship world.  

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10 Reasons Why He’s the Wrong Guy to Date – Dating Advice for Women

This weeks topic was brought out as an addition to last weeks topic. I had some of my beautiful ladies ask me this question, “How do you know if you are dating the wrong guy.”

OOOOOOOOH GIRL! I came out with a list so damn fast it made my fingers hurt typing about it.

In todays video, I go into the “10 signs you are dating the wrong guy.” I KNOW there are more than 10 signs ladies so I am asking for your insights and comments so we can help our fellow ladies to stop dating the wrong guys! 

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